“If you are on my page then you and I probably shared a common belief, that we hold the reigns to our own health, and that our body has the innate ability to heal itself
(with a few nudges here and there).”

About me.

Although deeply curious and passionate about health and wellness my whole life, it wasn’t until my fathers cancer diagnosis that I turned my interest in health into a career. After countless hours of research I came across The Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition where I graduated with honours as an Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2010.

As life took more twists and turns, I was on on yet another search, this time personal. I was introduced to functional medicine and applied it to my health with life changing results. That catapulted me into a mentorship program with a renowned doctor of Functional Medicine, Dr. Daniel Kalish.

Since completing the program in 2018, the Functional Medicine approach has been the forefront of my practice.

The microbiome and Gut health as well as stress induced illness and therapeutic diet plans are of particular interest to me.

I use scientific diagnostic testing in order to pinpoint the cause of a wide range of issues you may be facing, but we will also take a deep look into you as a whole so we can work beyond symptom relief to make lasting changes.

I truly look forward to supporting your journey to optimal health!


RHN- Registered Holistic Nutrition (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) With Honors
Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine- Mentorship with advanced testing
Sibo Mastery Program – Certified
Microbiome Restoration in Clinical Practice – Certified
BCRPA Weight Training Program – Certified

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